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faustsolution our mission

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Units
  • Portfolio Management

Strategy Advice

Defining a clear strategy, regular review and adaptation throughout the entire organisation, business units and at all levels - is imperative in today’s ever faster changing environment.Faustsolutions works with customers to develop and implement strategies, structures or projects in order to realize their full potential and achieve their objectives.

In alignment and close collaboration with the management team, we are applying contempory tools and delivering necessary insights in order to arrive at proposals and solutions that can be implemented and add value to the business proposition of our customers.

A selection of tools we are using:

  • Factor- / Environment- / Business driver review
  • Capability- and SWOT-Analysis
  • Portfolio-Assessment / Potential-Analyse
  • Products  Life-Cycle Assessment
  • Scalability Review
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategy Development

Innovation & Business Development

Innovation and Business Development require planning and tools, together with rigour, structures and internal capabilities, in order to capture the full potential of related investments. Jointly with our customers we are carefully modeling the options, laying out alternatives, developing implementations-strategies and roadmaps.

We are able to analyse the strength of the existing brands or value-propositions, also considering in detail the competitive landscape.

Comprehensive and complete tools are delivering necessary insights identifying and evaluating untapped market-niches, new sales-channels, route-to-market alternatives, or innovative customer propositions.

faustsolution costumer first

  • Diversification or Spin-Off
  • Customer Proposition Development
  • Route-to-Market Strategy and Operationalisation

faustsolution intelligence plus expertise

  • Short-term absence of business critical management capacities
  • Capacity and Capability Issue Management
  • Project Management Resources
  • Special Projects (eg. ERP Implementations)

Interim & Program Management

Faustsolutions offers flexible, internationally shaped and highly capable senior management resources, which require very little “lead-time” for delivering effective support (On-or Off-Premise). Equally Faustsolutions is highly capable in managing programs / projects, ensuring delivery of measurable outcomes, in line with expectations and committed results.

In times of stretched resources or transformational processes, organisations are benefiting from external management capacities, either through bridging temporary capacity gaps or developing and sustaining new or missing in-house capabilities.

Merges & Acquisitations

Every transaction is different and requires the right accompaniment of either internal or external experienced resources, in order to find the right way along the M&A journey. Realizing the potential behind the underlying business case and the actual M&A transaction, together with the mitigation of is the responsibility of the management team.

Faustsolutions is well equipped with capable resources to assist management through the many different steps as well as the required change management and business integration processes after the completion of the deal.

A plethora of subjects has to be thought through before, during and after the process of any M&A (or divestment - from the seller’s side). Often capacities and capabilities within an organization are either stretched or rather scarce.

Given the wide range of experience and prior successful project assignments, Faustsolutions can offer high value support to organisations. We are supporting organisations going through the various project-phases, ensuring to get the best out of the underlying business case, initiating necessary change management processes (during and after the closing the deal), incl. post-merger integration efforts.

faustsolution costumer first

  • Business-Opportunity Analysis
  • Target-Identification and Selection
  • Valuation, Price Negotiation & Contract Set-up
  • Business Integration

faustsolution intelligence plus expertise

  • Sustainable growth to the Top-Line
  • Stable while agile finance operations
  • Balancing risk, controls, compliance and reporting
  • Managing (business) innovation and change

CFO-Agenda Services

In our opinion four focus areas are driving the CFO-agenda in international organisations and businesses. Faustsolutions supports CFO’s and their teams in developing mechanisms and resilient solutions to the challenges, maximizing the value of the finance function.

We are supporting CFOs in addressing operational and strategic challenges to their function. Selected tools surface key-drivers, and value creating aspects of the finance function.

  • Controlling and KPIs/Balanced Score Cards as value add Management Tools
  • Business driver analysis (granular cost- and revenue driver)
  • Alignment of Business Strategy, Processes and IT-Systems
  • Efficiency gains through process redesign and finance operations transformation, outsourcing or trimming
  • ERP-Implementations
  • Working towards the vision of „One-Data & Insight-Truth“
  • Risk & Opportunity-Evaluation

Service & Restructuring

Understanding, reviewing and amending the way in which way customer propositions are generated and how effective the value creation process of the operating model works, has been becoming an asset for any organisation.

Not only cost pressures, but also external factors (eg. exponentially growing digitalisation of businesses-models) and as a consequence the rapidly changing competitive landscape leads to business- model adaptations and remodelling requirements.

Given our expertise and seniority we can assist customers in developing that capability, drawing the correct conclusions and going through the required change management- and restructuring-processes.

faustsolution costumer first

  • „Pain-point“ Analysis
  • Cost- vs. Opportunity Evaluation
  • Value Creation Model
  • Benchmarking and KPI-Development

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